Sunday, April 29, 2012

Friday evening we fished the upper DHALO section on Neshannock Creek. Got two right away on buggers drifted under an indicator behind the shop. I noticed some fish rising(to flies and 2 rose to my indicator!) so I tied on an elk hair caddis and ended up getting 3 on top, and missed a bunch of others. Mostly caddis were hatching, but I did see a few mayflies.

Got up real early Saturday morning to fish it again.  We were the second ones in the creek and started catching fish right away on streamers, although I did see a few fish rise. Had to deal with some ice on the guides but it wasn't too bad. Fished from the shop down about a mile. Caught most of them by the shop, but also some farther down. Between the two of us we got around 17 fish, mostly rainbows but a bunch of browns too. 

After Neshannock we decided to give a nearby special regs section a try. Caught 5, mostly on small streamers and the green weenie. Some fish were rising so I tried a dry and got two hits but couldn't get the hook set. Even caught 2 little suckers, one on a bugger and another on a green weenie. 

Both of the streams were at a good level. 

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