Thursday, December 6, 2012

Steelhead 11/17/12 and Wild Trout

The last trip we made up to the Lake Erie tributaries for steelhead was Nov. 17, but it was the best trip of the 2012-2013 steelhead season so far! Of course the water was super low and clear as always on the PA streams, but we figured out what the fish were wanted and had a great time.  I think we caught around 12 and at least half that many came off.  Some were on the smaller side, some were average, and we got into two pretty big ones.  The biggest one was 30in(biggest this year!).  We didn't weigh him, but he was heavier than other 30inchers that we caught in the past.  13lbs maybe? Also got out first ever lake-run brown. White and black woolly buggers caught fish, as well as nymphs, eggs, and minnows.  Had a great time as always, but I think we're mainly going to focus on the Ohio steelhead rivers for the rest of the season.  Too many people in PA.

Last weekend we made probably our last wild trout trip of the year.  Caught a few fish, but not nearly as many as we usually get.  As said in one of my last posts I think the summer had an effect on the streams, and we fished some different streams this time so it wasn't just the one.  I still love fishing those small, crystal clear mountain trout streams even if the fish aren't biting.