Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mosquito and PA Trout

On Friday we fished Mosquito Lake and the spillway.  The lake was very choppy on the north side, and on the southern end.  We fished the south side of the causeway but got skunked, and only saw 2 perch caught.  At Mosquito Creek we ended up getting about 11 crappie, perch, and a smallmouth bass.  Everything on live minnows under a bobber.  There were tons of other people out also.

Saturday we fished Neshannock Creek.  We only got one rainbow, and only saw one other fish caught.  The water was a little low and clear.  There were a few caddis hatching, midges, and some small mayfly of some sort.

Today I ended up going to a different stream.  Caught 3, and missed many more including a 20in. bow.  Didn't see many bugs, but there were some rises here and there.  Tried dries but didn't get anything.  Tried nymphs and only hooked one.  Then switched to a small egg and caught a few.  Also had many fish chase streamers but didn't take the fly.

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