Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mosquito Lake 3/25/12

Today we went back out fishing at Mosquito Lake.  The fishing was very slow, but there were still a good amount of people.  We caught 1 bass, a warmouth, a bluegill, had a bullhead on, and my brother caught a 25in northern pike.  Everything was caught on live minnows. 

Shenango River and Small Lake 3/24/12

Yesterday we decided to fish a the Shenango River and a small lake in NW Pennsylvania.  The river was pretty muddy and we only had one walleye on around 18in.  There were a couple of other guys fishing but they weren't having any luck either. 

After we fished the Shenango we went to a smaller lake nearby and did very well.  We must of caught around 40 or so bluegills, pumpkinseeds, bass, and 3 yellow bullheads.  The bass and bluegills hit dry flies and the bullheads and 2 other bass were caught on live minnows.  The bluegills were extremely shallow. 

Mosquito Lake 3/20/12

Tuesday evening we fished the causeway on Mosquito Lake.  The fishing was ok, we caught about 15 crappie but only 6 of them were keepers.  We also caught one largemouth bass, a bluegill, and a warmouth sunfish.  Everything was caught on live minnows under a bobber. There were also TONS of other people out fishing too!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Western PA and NE Ohio Trout and Panfish

Friday evening I got to fish a small creek.  I was only there for 45 minutes as it was getting dark, but I managed to catch 3 rainbow and 1 brown trout. 

Saturday morning we got up really early to fish Oil Creek.  We were the first ones in the creek, but when we left there were probably ten other guys.  The water level was great, maybe a tad high, but had a nice green color.  We caught a bunch of rainbows on woolly buggers and spinners.  There were some stoneflies and BWO's hatching, but no fish were eating on top.

After we got done fishing Oil Creek we stopped at a small lake in one of the state game lands and got our first bluegill of 2012.  Then we checked out a different lake and caught our first golden shiner of 2012!

Tamarack Lake was our last stop for the day, and it was a great decision stopping there.  We ended up catching 32 crappie on streamers and jigs!  The lake was very low.

This morning we decided to head back to Little Sandy Creek.  There were a lot of little black stoneflies hatching, but no fish were rising, or taking nymphs.  We caught most of our fish on streamers.  The stream was a little low, but the fish weren't too spooky.  Our total was around 13 stocked trout.  All rainbows, but I did hook a brown.

After Little Sandy, we ate lunch then headed back home.  We took a short break and then drove up to Mosquito Lake.  We didn't catch anything in the lake, so we went to the spillway(Mosquito Creek) and caught 10 perch and crappie on minnows.  It was a great weekend fishing!

Trout and Crappie video coming soon

Monday, March 12, 2012

Neshannock and Wild Brown Stream 3/10 and 3/11

Went to the annual lunker trout stocking in Volant, PA on Saturday.  Most of the "lunkers" were anywhere from 12 to 20in.  and the stream was also stocked a week prior.  I caught one on a streamer, and only saw three others caught, but the stream was still a bit high and colored.  It was in the 40's and sunny most of the day. 

After Neshannock I fished a nearby stream for wild brownies.  The stream is tiny, has very rough terrain, and the fish can be very spooky.  I mananged to catch one around 10-11 in and lost a smaller one.  Both of the fish hit small olive wooly buggers.  Lots of hikers were out too.

 On Sunday I went back to Neshannock and did pretty good. The creek was in much better shape. In the morning I had to deal with lots of ice in the guides, but it eventually warmed up into the upper 60's. Caught a bunch of fish on eggs, small buggers, and green SWJ's.  Black stoneflies were hatching pretty good but didn't see any rises the whole time I was there.  Fished from the fly shop down about a mile and also caught a few down by the covered bridge.  There were also lots of other people out fishing and enjoying the nice weather!