Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fly Tying: Carp

I'm getting tired of this cold weather and am already looking forward to spring and summer. Here is a simple, but effective fly that has been a top producer for carp the past two summers, but I have also caught smallmouth bass, trout, rock bass, green sunfish, warmouths, and other panfish with it. It is essentially a variation of a brown whoolly bugger, which is another great carp pattern. It seems to work best when carp are actively feeding on crayfish and other stuff in shallow riffles, and sometimes they'll even chase it!


Hook(both front and back): Tiemco 3769 nymph hook in size 8, or a Tiemco 5262 in size 10. Back hook can be a different, and maybe cheaper hook as you'll be cutting off the bend
Connection: any light fishing line
Thread: brown
Tail: Brown marabou
Body: Hareline's medium krystal hackle- brown
Eyes: black bead chain

Step 1: Attach thread and tie in a clump of brown marabou for the tail

Step 2: Tie in krystal hackle 

 Step 3: Wrap hackle around the shank of the fly and tie off. Cut/break off the bend of the hook

Step 4: Attach thread to a new hook, and connect the two using whatever line or wire you wish. The connection doesn't have to be super strong as you won't be hooking any fish on the back hook. Add some Zap-a-Gap if you wish for extra strength

Step 5: Tie in a black bead chain eye on the top of the hook. This is important as you want the fly to ride with the point up to avoid snags, since most of the time you want the fly to be right on the river bottom.

 Step 6: repeat step 3 and finish fly.

Step 7: Go fishing!

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