Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Central PA Trout

We just got back yesterday from 3 days of trout fishing in central Pennsylvania.  Our first stop on Sunday was in a local State Park and State Forest.  We stopped at the lake but didn't catch anything.  There were a few bluegills on beds but they weren't interested in our flies. After the lake we fished two smaller streams in search of native brook trout.  The first stream was very small and brushy, but we caught 2 and missed a few others.  The next stream was pretty much unfishable because of the brush except for one little area.  Had 3 fish on here and spooked another.  After lunch we headed over to fish Spring Creek.  We fished a few spots, but couldn't get into any fish.  Fishing in the middle of the day with no cloud cover probably wasn't helping, and those limestone spring creeks are much tougher than freestone streams. 

On Monday we went back to Spring Creek.  We fished at Fisherman's Paradise and a little farther downstream.  Ended up catching a few nice wild brown trout fishing with streamers and also missed a few more on the streamers and on a green inchworm.  We took a break for lunch and other stuff and then headed over to a small creek in the Rothrock State Forest.  This stream has a good population of wild brook trout, but our first fish here was a wild brown!  We ended up catching a few brookies here also.  One of the fish even gave me 6 chances to catch him!  He hit my fly on 6 consecutive casts, and finally on the sixth cast I hooked him, but he eventually came off. 

Our first stop on Tuesday was a little stream that's supposed to have a pretty good population of both wild brown and brook trout.  Even though it rained quite a bit, the stream was still a little low and very clear.  We didn't catch or even spook any.  After lunch we fished one last stream in Clearfield county somewhere to hopefully avoid the skunk.  The stream was a little on the high and colored side for a brookie stream, but we managed to catch a few nice brook trout. We didn't catch a ton of fish, but still had a great time.

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