Monday, March 12, 2012

Neshannock and Wild Brown Stream 3/10 and 3/11

Went to the annual lunker trout stocking in Volant, PA on Saturday.  Most of the "lunkers" were anywhere from 12 to 20in.  and the stream was also stocked a week prior.  I caught one on a streamer, and only saw three others caught, but the stream was still a bit high and colored.  It was in the 40's and sunny most of the day. 

After Neshannock I fished a nearby stream for wild brownies.  The stream is tiny, has very rough terrain, and the fish can be very spooky.  I mananged to catch one around 10-11 in and lost a smaller one.  Both of the fish hit small olive wooly buggers.  Lots of hikers were out too.

 On Sunday I went back to Neshannock and did pretty good. The creek was in much better shape. In the morning I had to deal with lots of ice in the guides, but it eventually warmed up into the upper 60's. Caught a bunch of fish on eggs, small buggers, and green SWJ's.  Black stoneflies were hatching pretty good but didn't see any rises the whole time I was there.  Fished from the fly shop down about a mile and also caught a few down by the covered bridge.  There were also lots of other people out fishing and enjoying the nice weather!

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  1. i love that little wild brown stream, we will keep the name a secret!